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La sensación de frío intimísimo y lo acertado de la solista de flautín complacieron plenamente al auditorio ("Ciel d’hiver" - Saariaho) - 06-12-2021- Revista Ritmo 

(The intimate, chilly sensation and the precision of the piccolo soloist fully pleased the audience.)

Impecable - 14-04-2016 - El Norte de Castilla 


Stand-out performance - Pan Magazine (British Flute Society) CD Review March 2015

(Actuación sobresaliente)


Firmeza, técnica y musicalidad - 10-03-2014 El Norte de Castilla

(Confidence, technique and musicality)

Inspiradas voces - 09-03-2014 - El Mundo (Valladolid)

(Inspired voices)


Sonidos exquisitos - 15-07-2013 - El Mundo (Valladolid)

(Exquisite sounds)

Música exquisita, excelentes músicos - 02-12-2013 - El Norte de Castilla

(Exquisite music, excellent musicians)


The graceful English flautist Katrina Penman is a soloist of great warmth and sensitivity; she possesses a special sound: precise in the fast passages thanks to a noteworthy technique, and lyrical in the melodic ones.  Full and dynamic, brilliant and open in the Allegro movements, relaxed and singing in the Adagio and Largo.  She demonstrated today her technical gifts, her taste and intelligent sensitivity. 

 - 18-11-2008 - La Provincia, Blevio, Italy (translated from the original Italian text)

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